Skylights & Roof Windows



Sun Tunnels and SkyLights

Sun Tunnels and Skylights are an excellent solution to allow natural lighting into your home. In the past homeowners shied away from skylights and roof windows after hearing
stories of leaking and damage to their roofs and interiors. Fear no longer! The design and manufacturing has been fined tuned to eliminate leaking and to ensure an
energy efficient and weather proofed skylight and roof window solution.

The Window Centre in Kingston, Ontario provides only the best products for our customers. We offer you finely crafted and engineered products from Velux®, the market
leader in skylight and roof window manufacturing.

Velux® skylight or roof windows and sun tunnels are easily installed and easily maintained which makes them a good solution for providing natural light or fresh air to your
home while improving the air quality by allowing moisture and allergens to escape. Additional energy efficiency can be realized as skylight windows can reduce the need for
air conditioning by allowing warmer interior air to flow up and out of your home.

Skylights or Roof Windows

Skylight windows are typically larger than a sun tunnel and can be optionally opened and closed to allow light and fresh air into your home. Skylight windows and sun tunnels
are not usually incorporated into a house design however, as long as the slope of your roof and the framework support it, we can easily install Velux® prefabricated roof
windows and sun tunnels into your home.

Velux® Roof Windows are available in a variety of styles and can be manually operated, electronically operated or even better incorporate solar power technology. Solar Powered
Skylight windows offer even more energy efficiency and convenience. This type of technology combined with rain sensors will automatically close your roof windows to
protect your interior from inclement weather.

Velux® offers a large variety of interior power operated coloured blinds to keep the sunlight out and to match your decor perfectly. Each window is expertly crafted using the
finest materials, from the frame right down to the insect screens.

Features of Velux Roof Windows

√ Remote control makes opening & closing easy from virtually anywhere in the home

√ Allows fresh air to flow in and warm moist air to flow out

√ Electric, Manual or Solar Powered

√ Solar Powered eliminates the need for additional wiring

√ Inclement weather sensor closes windows automatically

√ Easy installation and easily maintained

√ Tempered safety glass with argon gas filling and Low E

√ Interior power operated blinds in a variety of colours to suit your decor

√ Guaranteed Weathertight installation

√ Pre-finished aluminum frames

√ 20 year Manufacturer Guarantee

√ Sun Tunnel Skylights

Sun Tunnels are typically smaller than skylights and usually do not open and close, however do include the option to diffuse or dim the amount of sunlight. Sun Tunnels are
installed on your roof with a tube that extends from your roof and through the ceiling to bring natural sunlight into compact areas such as a bathroom, stairways or halls.

The sun tunnel is an economical, low profile solution that is energy-efficient, while adding architectural beauty to your home or office. Velux® offers several different models
of sun tunnels to accommodate your roof style that are flexible and easily installed to allow the maximum sunlight into your home.

Why choose a Velux® Sun Tunnel

√ Several models to suit your roof architecture

√ Easy installation and maintenance

√ Allows natural sunlight into your space

√ A variety of accessories to add value to your sun tunnel

√ Energy Efficient

√ Low-E (emissivity) coatings

√ Environmentally friendly materials

√ Guaranteed weather tight installation

√ Argon gas between insulated glass panes

√ Pre-finished white aluminum frames

√ 20 year Manufacturer Guarantee

If you are thinking about adding Skylight Windows or Sun Tunnels to your home or building, come to The Window Centre in Kingston, Ontario and speak with a knowledgeable
industry specialist. We can help plan the best solution for you and provide guidance and expert installation for your Skylight Project.

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