Roll Shutters



Save on Energy

With increasing energy prices, don’t take any chances on your home’s energy efficiency. Doors and windows can be a weak point in your home’s insulation. They are responsible
for 25% of heat loss when heating your home in the winter, and 80% of sunlight absorption when you’re trying to stay cool in the summer. Give your windows the boost
they need with customizable Roller Shutters. The aluminum profiles on Kimbel’s Roller Shutters are filled with CFC-free foam and can help improve insulation in winter and
reduce heat flow in summer. By reducing these two detrimental elements you can lower your energy bill by up to 30%!

The Window Center in Kingston, Ontario, can set you up with durable, quality Roller Shutters that prove their worth not only by saving you money, but also by diminishing
your carbon footprint, which is always a positive.

Protect against Burglary

We all want to live in a safe and protected home. Not only are Roller Shutters a great insulator, they take their job one step further by providing effective protection against
burglary. They have been tested in an accredited research laboratory, which confirmed that these Roller Shutters have class 3 resistance against burglary. These insulated,
aluminum shutters are an ideal solution that combines a strong, durable seal without compromising aesthetic design. There are many different profiles and finishes to choose
from, so you can blend safety and efficiency in with your personal style.

Defend against Damage

The reinforced construction of the guide channels prevent roller shutters’ profiles from bending and pulling. The curtain’s solid construction and reinforced endslat prevent
against damage with rigidity and stability. The patented ratchet at the bottom keeps the shutters securely shut, thwarting any unwanted attempts to raise the curtain.

Convenient to Adjust and Control

With the easy click of a button, your Roller Shutters can keep the sunlight out of your theatre room for a movie, or black out your bedroom when you’re on the night shift.
Use them to block out the noise from traffic in the streets or a loud neighbour. Control your environment to find your ideal level of comfort. Remotely adjust the roller shutters
from either inside or outside, or program them to adjust according to a timer or to automatically maintain the perfect temperature.

Main Features of Kimbel’s Roller Shutters

√ Improved insulation to save on heating and cooling costs

√ Reinforced durability to prevent against accidental damage or vandalism

√ Ratchet in the bottom secures against unwanted entry

√ Defence against severe weather conditions, such as hail or flying debris

√ Privacy against unwanted light or noise with the ease of a remote

√ Programmable shutters to serve as alarms or temperature stabilizer

√ Customizable colours, finishes and functionality

If you’d like to know more on how you can improve the insulation and safety of your home with Roller Shutters, stop by The Window Center in Kingston, Ontario for the
expertise and installation of a knowledgeable industry specialist. Our staff will assist you in exploring options to take your home’s comfort and efficiency to the next level.

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